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7:40 pm on Saturday 10/11/2003

Date: 11 Oct 2003
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Hi everyone! We're FINALLY in a room in the Cardiac Inpatient Unit at A.I. DuPont. Liam is doing fine. He's a little bit jaundiced, but they're keeping an eye on this and so many other things.
This afternoon, they needed Liam's spot in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for another baby and since he's been stable, he's been moved to the "step down" unit. This is great, because it means he's doing well and it means we get to see him whenever we want. They had been giving him prostoglandins to keep his ductus ateriosis (fetal blood vessel used to bypass lungs) open. This was providing a "backchannel" to allow oxygenated blood to go directly into his aorta and out into the body.
Yesterday, they shut off that medicine to see if his blood oxygen level would go down or stay steady. So far, he's been steady around 80%, which is awesome! He won't have surgery on Monday, which is what they were saying before, but Dr. Norwood has been looking at him and we should be able to talk to him on Monday to see what his recommendations are for care and when he would recommend surgery.
Meanwhile, Liam has had plenty of pictures taken of him and we'll try to get those posted as soon as possible.

Talk to you soon.
Heather, Chris and Liam

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