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New schedule for baby

Date: 08 Oct 2003
Time: 07:37:05 -0700
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It's about 10:15 on Wednesday morning. We just spoke with Dr. Mulla and she gave us the plan for the upcoming days:
Thursday-Biophysical Profile
Sunday-Biophysical Profile, and check to see if baby has flipped from head-up to head-down. If the baby's back to head-down, they will start the induction process then and see how things go. If the baby is head-up at that point, we're on the schedule for C-section at 8am on Tuesday 10/14. Ay yi yi!

They moved us to a bigger room in the high-risk unit and Chris actually got a cot to sleep on. We both got a little more sleep last night, but still woke up several times in the night. This place isn't the most conducive for relaxation anyway, but they try their best. Heather is happy that she can actually eat now while she's waiting...and she's not confined to hospital food, so Chris can get her food from the local restaurants.
Oh, and Heather's VERY happy and spunky this morning because she could take a shower.

That's all for now.
From Christiana Hospital, in the heart of Christiana, Delaware.
-Heather and Chris

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